You hold on tight
To the very thing
That tears you up
Yet still you cling
Without it there
The pain too real
Your thoughts will race
Too much you’ll feel
You fight the world
You fight yourself
You put your dreams
On the back shelf
There is nothing else
But chasing a high
Comfort in numbness
Cloaked in a lie
Your demons grow
They call the shots
Your personality gone
Potential rots
And all the while
You refuse to see
That you can’t win
“It won’t happen to me”
“I can stop anytime”
“I won’t stoop that low”
“At least THAT’S not me”
“No one will know”
And the lies pile up
Rationalize it all
Victim of the pride
Before the fall
It’s hunger grows
You feed it more
Lie, steal, cheat
A slave is born
You’re at it’s every
Greedy whim
Head going under
Trying to swim
One of two roads
Lie up ahead
You change your ways
Or you end up dead
Neither is easy
They both demand work
But one will bring joy
That is borne of the hurt
One a desperate existence
That will suck you dry
A broken spirit
Often wishing to die
The other a struggle
But a miracle too
Grab that glimmer of hope
And let it pull you through
To the other side
Of the fear and the pain
What you lost and more
You will regain

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