About Me

It truly has been my passion since I was a child to write. My struggles along my path in life have lead me to another passion–the desire to help others.

As a recovering addict, adult child of an alcoholic, and trauma survivor among other things, I choose to use my experiences to speak out to not only those who have been there and may need some motivation and inspiration, but to use my voice and my writing to help those who may not understand. I truly believe that understanding one another, or at least the willingness to try, can make this world a better place.

Currently I work as a clinical case manager in the intensive residential unit of a drug and alcohol treatment center. I hold an Associate’s degree in addiction studies, as well as a CADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) credential. I have been working in the field since I began my internship in August of 2015. I do my best to use a combination of my experience and education to best serve my clients, and I truly enjoy working with and learning from the amazing staff at our facility.

I will have a book coming soon that addresses addiction, recovery, parenting, and breaking the cycle from parent to child. As I develop this, I will continue to speak out from this platform to offer any sort of insight and guidance I can to those who may be struggling, or looking for help understanding what a loved one is going through.

This site is my attempt to reach as many people as I can with a message of hope and resilience. I don’t always speak elegantly or poetically, and I am prone to brutal, sometimes uncomfortable honesty…and a decent amount of profanity. If those things appeal to you, then take a read and pass the word along to anyone you feel may be helped.

Together we can fight this thing.

Jessie Monreal



Published on PsychCentral and Thought Catalog.